Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Knopf Julia Contest!

What a fab, so very French competition! And this coming from someone who avidly avoids shamelessly promotional cooking events that usually involve having to incorporate some random, corporate "ingredient" into an original dish. But this contest was just right. It was all about passion. It coaxed us to spell-out our Julia love boldly by digging into her Mastering the Art trove to feed friends & family. What's more in Julia style?

I loved perusing the entries of my fellow mad-cappers. How totally kick was the multi- media Harlem bash post with it's video/text messaging/playlist/snappy invite/couture drama? Or Julia's Chicken Meunière carried out in onion-defying goggles? Or the earthy cool garden-to-table Oregon Gorge to-do? My wine-country soirée was rather prim by comparison. I really should have documented the post-dinner pool party or at least my Terrier's latent Frenchie tendencies. But honorable mention? Lovely. The adventure was brilliant. Thanks Knopf for sparking it and spreading the love.

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