Wednesday, August 5, 2009


It's a kind of madness friends, this all Julia all the time. A fellow tweeter says she never thought she could tire of Julia Child, but now she just sort of wants her back in the kitchen. And it's morphed into a Julia wildfire week for me. I was flabbergasted Monday to be the Julie & Julia Sony site's featured blog-of-the-day (see previous post). I'm cooking five dishes from le glorious Mastering the Art for our Woodward's menu.

We're meeting friends early Sunday to catch said publicity-flamed flick, then racing to Napa to fire-up a Julia fĂȘte with more friends just for fun and for the Knopf's "Be Like Julia" contest (though I can't possibly think how I could be any MORE Julia at the moment). My 8-year-old is in her room trilling random Julia bon mots, so steeped is she in the mania. Truly I'm way through the looking glass here... every White Rabbit is Lapain au Saupiquet, every Dodo bird Pigeonneau en Vin Rouge.

How on earth did this come to be? Will the Julia insanity ever subside? What I can say is that her Poulet Poele a l'Estragon is a wonder; that the reason for all the fuss and frenzy is illuminated in one single bite.

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Bren Herrera said...

hope the fete with the gals after the movie was great fun! I'll have to make time this week to go see it!

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