Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dawn Landes - Young Folks (bluegrass style)

Sunday morning. What sweetness is this -


Anonymous said...

I was just reading some older posts, and noticed the lovely piece about head cheese.
It made me remember my ex-father-in-law telling about his German-American upbringing on an Ohio farm. When they slaughtered the hog, they would dress it outdoors, and make a party of it.

They removed the larger cuts of meat, and set them aside for various uses. They put a huge cast iron cauldron over a fire, filled it partway with water, and then, as they butchered the hog, any extra scraps of meat or fat from any part of the animal went into that pot.

Later, they added cornmeal, and boiled the whole thing until thickened. They poured it out into deep pans, let it cool.
The next day, they would slice it and fry it, and serve it with maple syrup. They called it pon haus. we know it better as scrapple.

Thanks for all your lovely recipes and stories. Happy Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

問聲好~~ 祝福您的blog愈來愈熱鬧!..................................................