Sunday, December 6, 2009

Arrivederci Maiale

We finally polished off the last of our gorgeous pig.

Our Greek grocer friend Bobby, from Haight Street Market, lent us his mega spit (something like this), which he uses to turn whole lambs on. He sews lemon and herb bunches into them then stabs them with garlic.

We had one huge pig haunch left... the last scrap of our Devil's Gulch side.

We scored, oiled, herbed, poked, screwed, rammed and bolted the thing, then hefted it onto its glowing alter to slow-turn/smoke for seven hours.

It was dwarfed by the spit, but we just kept scooping little red coal dust mountains around it.

Don't ever let anyone ever tell you there's a better way to cook meat.

Our next dream restaurant has seating under sun & stars and about ten of these babies turning in tandem.

The gifts of one single pork side (nothing left untouched):

Spit-Roast Leg
Slow Low Eight-Hour Pork Butt
Braised Fresh Bacon
Head Cheese (foot, head, tongue)
"Party Roasts" (unidentifiable wedges)
Pozole Verde
Grilled Giant Porterhouse
Fried Tail/Ear (thank you F. Henderson and H. Fearnley-Whittingstall)
Cracklins and, by extention...
Luscious Lard

Very, very grateful.

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