Thursday, January 1, 2009

Kiki Smith

-Kiki Smith's Illustrated poem Concordance written with Mei-mei Berssenbrugge

Working backward in sleep, the 
last thing you numbed to is what
wakes you.

What if that image were Eros as

I write to you and you feel me.

What would it be like if you
contemplated my words and I felt

Animals, an owl, frog, open their
eyes, and a mirror forms on the

When insight comes in a dream,
and events the next day
illuminate it, this begins your
streaming consciousness,
synchronicity, asymptotic lines
of the flights of concordances.

An owl opens its eyes in deep

For the first time, I write and you
don't know me.

Milkweed I touch floats.

WHAT CAN one say about Kiki Smith, about her work's breathtaking depth? I know the way she moves me is the same way food stirs and undoes me. It is its darkness, its mythology, its mystery, its sustaining life.

Food is painting/sculpture, it is hand-made form.  In large part it involves seeing (along with every other sense), and I'm not swayed by featherweight minimalism - I love the shadowy human story and all that interconnected depth and darkness.

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